Self-care for aging healthily and with quality of life

Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira
4 min readDec 18, 2020

Our skin is one of the organs which most reflects the actions of time and its aging is directly linked to loss of fibrous tissue and slower cellular renewal. As years go by, our somatic cells die and are not substituted as rapidly as they are when one is young. Much of that has to do with genetics, lifestyle and food habits adopted along our living. But how can one retard the actions of time so as to age with more health and quality of life?

Since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, Brazilians have demonstrated a higher interest in skincare products. According to data from ABIHPEC — Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetic Industry, skincare products stood out on sales in the first semester of 2020, with a major relevance for anti-aging and anti-wrinkles cosmetics, which had a rise of 13.4%, followed by eye care products, with a rise of 16.9%, as compared to the same period of 2019.

Another report by ABIHPEC shows that the category of face skincare registered a growth of 28.7% between January and September, 2020, with a standout for facial treatment masks, which had an accumulated rise of 101.4%, while bodyskin products, such as exfoliators, had an increase of 161.7%.

The age of self-care

Nourished by the passion for science and by the love for life, OneSkin, a startup we invest in, develops technologies which help people to age healthily, so that they might live in the best way possible every day. The age of self-care is not only one of care with the skin, it is also turned to treating aging as something which can be delayed with healthier routines.

Aging is a natural process of the human being, but with adoption of some cares it is possible to maintain a healthy aging. Young people have been seeking increasingly earlier to develop habits for improving their quality of life and aging with more health. Performing physical activities, sleeping well, and having good nutrition are fine examples of practices that might consequently retard the actions of time on our skin.

OneSKin, besides manufacturing products to revert aging directly in senescent cells — cells whose lifecycle is definitively finished — and to decelerate the marks of time on human skin, seeks to extend the time people live with health and to prevent diseases related to aging, therefore creating patent technologies which revert such process.

Retarding skin aging

PhD Scientists in the fields of Biochemistry, Immunology and Bioinformatics, Carolina Oliveira, Alessandra Zonari, Mariana Boroni and Juliana Lott de Carvalho have as a mission, in OneSkin, to extend the skinspan — the time the skin keeps healthy — by optimizing its health at a molecular level. With an innovative molecule developed by the startup, it is possible to revert aging in senescent cells.

The search for molecules capable of acting on senescent cells started in 2017. After the team had tested almost a thousand peptides, the OS-01 was identified as the biomolecule with the highest potential of action, capable of reducing up to 40% of the number of senescent cells and recovering the skin health and functionality.

“The process of development of the OS-01 included tests of hundreds/thousands of molecules with action on senescent cells, validation of the molecule which presented the best effect, security test, formulation [by] including other ingredients which complement the action of the peptide on the skin, and finally the clinical study on humans”, explains Caroline, CEO of OneSkin.

OS-01 — OneSkin Topical Supplement

The OS-01 is the first topical supplement projected to improve skin health and resistance. Safe for all, the product rejuvenates, treats with efficacy the negative implications of aging, and improves hydration, texture and general appearance. In the clinical study, an improvement was verified in nearly 15% of the skin barrier function, which is responsible for protecting the skin from infections, external harm caused by UV radiation and loss of water, contributing to maintain the skin in a healthy and functional state for a longer time.

Contrary to other products which offer momentaneous solutions, the OS-01 has as an objective to treat the skin at a molecular level, which guarantees long-term results. A success in the United States, the scientists have worked to expand the supply of the product to Brazil as well, which should happen still in the year 2021.

OneSkin develops efficient technologies so as to extend [the time of] skin longevity, preventing diseases associated with aging. Learn more about the OS-01 topical supplement and about the enterprise at its site:



Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira

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