QriarCity: Quality of life for communities without losing ties with their origins

Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira
5 min readSep 17, 2020

Attaining a high level of quality allied to preservation of the culture of a region is what proposes QriarCity, a developer which arrives in Portugal and promises to bring value and quality of life for the Portuguese community through its buildings, without ties with their origins being lost. Developing initiatives with purposes which will make a great difference in the future is what leads us to invest in QriarCity.

Arriving at the [real estate] market in 2020, the enterprise seeks to bring innovation through its projects, to differentiate itself from other enterprises in the area, and to build innovative communities — we are taking a different view over building construction to Portugal.

The building sector in Portugal

According to data from the Associação dos Industriais da Construção Civil e Obras Públicas (Civil Construction and Public Works Undertakers Association), the building sector in Portugal has lost 37 thousand enterprises and 262 thousand job positions during the crisis which occurred in the field and lasted fourteen years. The cycle of recovery started in 2017 and predictions by the Federação Portuguesa da Indústria da Construção e Obras Públicas — FEPICOP (Portuguese Federation of Building Construction and Public Works Industry) point to a positive trajectory of growth for the next years.

Confirming the predicted growth for 2020, the building sector will have had an increase of nearly 23% between 2017 and 2020, after the fall of 60% registered between 2002 and 2016. As it happens in other countries, the line of building construction in Portugal has a significant importance in its national economy and it is an employing area which strongly contributes to its GDP, representing 15% of the sum of all finished goods and services produced by the country.

For this year, the predicted evolution is of +5.5%, in which the total production by the sector should surpass 14.0 million euros. That is, QriarCity comes forth within good predictions for the building construction market.

Investing and building in Portugal — just behind Brazil and the United States — is an important step. The choice of Portugal was made for the following reasons: Empathy of Brazilians with the Portuguese and vice versa; demand for something of which we have a decade-long experience; opportunity to positively impact the life of various communities; and projections of good financial results — that is, reaching Europe has been a necessary advancement.

Portugal has an important cultural heritage, widely expressed in its architecture throughout the country, and QriarCity strives to maintain the harmony of its regions, respecting the complexity of its environments and thinking on the future generations. The enterprise does not aim at clinging to the building construction properly speaking: It starts projects by identifying spaces and localities. Then, it perceives the necessity of the region, designs a project, and only after that it comes to speak about the building construction itself.

Focus on community

The developer is focused on building communities by developing products which generate value for their regions. Thus, QriarCity should not be considered a building constructor, though it has plans of becoming one at a certain moment. Its objective is to make a difference, to turn places into more interesting ones by bringing fine architecture which represents something important in the life of people who inhabit there, and also to provide quality of life by developing products which exceed the expectations of the community, whether by the layout of the plan, the design of the building, or the services provided by the enterprise.

Important in the development of projects is attaining a high level of quality allied to preservation of the culture of a place. The challenge is to work on the adaptation of a building construction and a modern architecture to the maintenance of original characteristics of a given locality. Currently the enterprise has partnerships with REI — Real Estate Investments, a boutique in real estate investments, and with Rocharte — Real Estate Investments, a reputed Portuguese building construction company, and it is through them that it seeks to put its premises into practice.

Its focus is always on the client and on the impact any such project shall bring to any such community or communities, reminding that one project has the power to change the face of an entire city. After all, different projects have different impacts. All actions are focused on necessities of the clients, so that they positively surprise them.

When a project is coming forth, QriarCity seeks to consider three important aspects within it: The impact it shall generate in the community, the viability in accomplishing totally differentiated results, and the financial return it shall bring.

An eye to the future

Thinking on the contribution which projects shall bring to the future of next generations is what moves QriarCity, together with the desire of being an organization which exists in order to develop initiatives with bigger purposes, which exceed its very business interests. Investing in building construction is contributing to an increasingly better society.

Every city is different in its own way, therefore one needs be intelligent in the choices, be focused on quality and transparency in the processes, so that it is possible to aggregate value and quality of life without ties with the origins of each place in question being lost.

Improving sustainability is fundamental during each process of a project and in every sector, it is a manner of offering well-being to present and future generations, which shall live in or use such buildings in some way. Another important aspect is the impact on nature, which should be minimum, and economy in the use of natural resources, which should be maximum.

Economic benefits generated through the building of an undertaking project also contribute to an increase in the creation of jobs and in demands from the market. Furthermore, building constructions can also offer better conditions of life for the population.

The developer works with the purpose of positively impacting communities and with projections of good financial results. Those are projects which make a positive difference in the life of people and which shall make a great difference in the world: The actions of today shall have a revolutionary impact tomorrow.

For more information, access the QriarCity site.



Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira

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