How is it possible to care for and keep skin longevity?

Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira
4 min readSep 23, 2021


According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Statistics and Geography (IBGE), the population above 60 years of age in Brazil is 31.3 million, and the estimate for 2050 is that this number will reach 66.2 million. Most of the time, aging is seen as a villain when related to beauty. However, aging is a natural process of every human organism and skin is one of the most conspicuous places to show the first signs that maturity is coming near, through sunspots, wrinkles, flaccidity and loss of hydration.

Furthermore, skin aging occurs in a more accelerated and intense way when there is more exposure to extreme factors such as pollution, bad food, smoke and, mainly, solar radiation without protection. Nevertheless, it is possible, through some changes in habits and adequate products, to keep skin longevity and health.

The Oldiversity research, produced by Grupo Croma, reveals the way Brazilians face aging. Among the 2,032 people interviewed, 29% declared being prepared to lose quality of life when they get older. That figure grows when the sample is cut out from among those of more than 61 years, which represents 49%. In the same research, 77% of the people of more than 61 years related they were investing in their quality of life.

Medicine is innovating day by day, thus directly helping with the well-being of people, in order that they live increasingly more and with a better quality of life. And in order to have a healthy body, it is necessary to pay due attention to the largest organ of the human being: the skin. Therefore, it is fundamental to invest in specialized products which provide longevity, thus reaching maturity with a nice, but mainly healthy, skin.

A study by the University of Stanford, developed in 2019, found out that the aging process is not something continuous. The observation revealed that people appeared to be of a lesser age than their real age, therefore being healthier for a determinate age group. Furthermore, it was proved that men and women age in a distinct manner from one another.

Change in habits is fundamental for skin health

Little changes in habits can make a big difference in skin health. Among its types of care, it is worth emphasizing that adequate face hygiene is fundamental. Wearing sunscreen and avoiding excessive solar exposure is also primordial. Furthermore, drinking lots of water, practicing physical activities, having a good night sleep and eating healthy food are small habits which generate a significant change for the skin.

We are living in the age of self care, and people are increasingly concerned with skin care and products. What proves that fact is a research made by the Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (ABIHPEC), which indicates that consumers have been more interested in skincare since the beginning of the pandemic, representing a growth of 21.9% in skin products sales last year.

Facial treatment masks and items for body skin and body exfoliators have been the ones which have most stood out, and have had an increase in sales of 91% and 153.2% respectively.

Adequate products are great allies in skin care

Besides all basic care to keep skin health, the use of specialized products for its treatment is also necessary. The skin cannot be superficially treated, and for that reason products need to be highly efficient and safe.

OneSkin is an enterprise specialized in longevity and has a team constituted by specialists in aging with a doctorate level. It has been years inside a laboratory in order to create the OS-01, the first topical supplement for the skin; it has been projected to extend the life of the skin, thus keeping it healthy and young. OneSkin has developed a clinical study of 12 weeks in order to validate and quantify the impact of OS-01 on the improvement of skin health. And the results have proved that the topical supplement provides various benefits, such as:

● Improvement of skin barrier;

● Better skin elasticity;

● Better skin uniformity, brightness, porosity and firmness;

● Less wrinkles;

● Increase of skin hydration;

● Prevention of senescent cell accumulation;

● Perfecting of skin softness and general appearance.

Daily application of OS-01, based on scientific proofs, provides lasting effects. Therefore, the intention of OneSkin is not to supply a quick solution or a temporary relief, since the topical supplement acts with time, penetrating the densest layer of the skin and thus stimulating a deep transformation. With daily use of OS-01, the great majority of users can identify a healthier, stronger skin, and with a better appearance, within an interval of 4 to 8 weeks.

OneSkin develops solutions which have a positive and revolutionary impact on people’s lives, totally transforming their conception as regards aging. Know OneSkin and learn more about the OS-01 topical supplement at



Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira

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